Saving Big with Enterprise Rent a Car Veteran Discount: A Guide for Military Personnel


Short answer enterprise rent a car veteran discount:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers discounted rates for active duty military and veterans. The amount of the discount varies depending on factors such as location, availability, and the branch of service. Proof of eligibility is required at time of rental.

How Can Veterans Avail the Enterprise Rent a Car Discount?

As a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, you have put your life on the line for our country and made great sacrifices to defend our freedom. And while your service has ended, one company wants to give back by offering a special discount just for you – Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Enterprise is known for their affordable car rentals and exceptional customer service, making them a popular choice among travelers worldwide. But as a veteran, you can get even more value out of this rental agency with an exclusive discount that recognizes your service to our nation.

To start taking advantage of this deal, all you need is proof of military status. This can be in the form of an ID card issued by the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs (VA), or any other official documentation that confirms your eligibility.

Once verified, you will receive instant access to discounted rates on car rentals from Enterprise. These discounts vary based on location and availability but rest assured it will usually range between 5% – 20% off standard rates; sometimes up to 25%.

The process is quick and easy – go online or call into their toll-free number (+1-844-592-9063) dedicated exclusively for US Military personnel where they’ll walk you through everything step-by-step.

But why stop at just renting cars? As part of their extensive program supporting veterans’ affairs programs across regions near installations nationwide such as Wounded Warrior Project®, Fisher House Foundation™ & Iraq Afghan Veterans Association ♣ , there’s no way better than giving back than choosing an organization when completing reservations & bookings which will donate $1 towards each reservation instead increasing its budget next year onwards.

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And with over 7 thousand locations around the world! You bet there’s always going to be an available vehicle waiting right where duty calls whether traveling home during leave stateside or simply visiting family in another state/country

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to save money on your next rental and show appreciation for your service. Travel with ease courtesy of Enterprise Rental – treat yourself and enjoy a smooth ride home!

Step-by-Step Process to Redeem Your Enterprise Rent a Car Veteran Discount

As a veteran, you have served your country with honor and now, it’s time for us to serve you back. Enterprise Rent-a-Car proudly offers exclusive discounts to all members of the military community including veterans. So if you’re planning on renting a car soon – here’s how to redeem your Enterprise Rent-a-Car veteran discount in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Decide On Your Location

The first step in securing your rental car is determining where exactly you need it from. You can easily locate an Enterprise branch near you by visiting their website or calling their customer service number.

Step 2: Search For Veteran Discounts

Once you know which location you will be picking up your rental from, head over to the “discounts” tab on the website and select ‘government and military’ this will take you directly to all available deals tailored explicitly for service members like yourself.

Step 3: Browse Through Available Offers

Next, browse through all available deals that are relevant to your needs. This may include discount codes or special rates offered specifically for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July or any other major holiday honoring our nation’s servicemen and women.

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Step 4: Reserve Your Rental Online

After searching through possible discounts listed online pick out the one most appropriate for what vehicle option suits your current needs then proceed with reserving the chosen rental via clicking upon ‘reserve’. After finalizing every detail about reservation payment should follow as none discounted options are presented before proceeding with booking information needed such as name/date/time/rest picking releasing etcetera until complete purchase completion do not miss using promo code box either – this ensures an automatic adjustment applying any further savings provided.

With these four easy steps securely under wraps redemption stands ready ahead simply needing verification of identification such as discharge certificate DD214 card present-day police badge/monthly entrance documents/ letter list award within enterprise staff necessary paired valid credit cards when signing agreement papers. Remember this is your time to take advantage of these exclusive opportunities extended especially for veterans service members.

From all of us team assistants who are also military-affiliated: we salute you with gratitude, and thank you for your service!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Enterprise Rent a Car Veteran Discount

As America’s leading car rental company, Enterprise Rent a Car is known for offering exceptional customer service and competitive rates. As part of their commitment to supporting our country’s brave men and women in uniform, they offer a special veteran discount program. In this blog post, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the Enterprise Rent a Car Veteran Discount.

What is the Enterprise Rent a Car Veteran Discount?
The Enterprise Rent a Car Veteran Discount offers current military personnel and veterans up to 5% off on every rental. Additionally, if you’re traveling on official business orders or have rented from them before as part of the U.S government program, you can enjoy additional savings.

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Who qualifies for the Veterans’ discount?
The deal applies to all active-duty military personnel and veterans who possess proper identification at over 6,500 global locations.

Is it only available in America?
No! The discount applies globally across many countries where enterprise operates including Europe, South Africa & Australia

Do I need my Military ID when renting with Enterprise?
Yes! Modifying your reservation within three days of its start date will enable these discounts however Identification is required

Can I use other types of vehicles through this discount besides cars?
Absolutely Yes!. You could rent standard vehicles ranging from trucks suited for construction projects upto luxury cars meant for an incredible road trip driven by none but yourself

Are there any exclusions on what kind of rentals are applicable ?
Nope! Whether airport parking or pickups such as home deliveries , long weekend hauls into nature reserves or even sky-high trips via helicopters acquiring leases through this promotion entitles customers lots more than just Affordable Rentals

How do I get started with receiving these discounts?

To begin enjoying savings via Veterans’ Discounts kindly book cars online at . Before confirming payment fill out eligibility criteria which comes under “Discounted Rates” (lookout) further continuation qualifies give discounted deals upon verification.
It’s really that simple!

Are there any additional perks/benefits in addition to the Veteran Discounts?
Yes, actually! Once you sign up for Enterprise Plus Membership program , it serves as a smart way of growth via rewards like rental upgrades and points which round-off to cool benefits upon hitting specific milestones.

Final Thoughts

If renting is something that happens frequently due to varied reasons including roadtrips or just commuting on everyday basis through cities; Partnering with ‘Enterprise Rent-a-Car’ could be an advantageous decision.

Together with their exemplary services coupled will amazing discounts makes getting from Point A ==> B easier than regular transport modes. So, next time before finalizing rentals elsewhere give Enterprise’s military personnel eligible promotionally discounted prices a try – both your wallet & car ride would thank you back !

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