Unlocking Savings: How to Find and Use Military Discount Codes for Enterprise Car Rentals


Short answer military discount code for enterprise: Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers military personnel a discount code. To receive the discount, customers should contact Enterprise directly or visit their website to request the specific code. Valid identification will be required upon pickup of the rental vehicle.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Enterprise’s Military Discount Code

Enterprise is one of the largest car rental companies in the world. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for a road trip or you simply need something to get from point A to point B, Enterprise has you covered. With over 7,600 locations, they are sure to have a location near you.

Are you a member of the military or a veteran? If so, did you know that Enterprise offers a military discount code? This discount can save you money on your rental and help make your travel plans more affordable.

Using the Enterprise military discount code is easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Enterprise website

To get started, visit the Enterprise website at www.enterprise.com. Once on their homepage, click on “Deals” in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Step 2: Find the Military and Government tab

When clicking on “Deals,” you will be taken to a page with several different tabs. Look for one labeled “Military and Government” and click on it.

Step 3: Verify your eligibility

The next step is to verify your eligibility for this military discount code. To qualify for this deal, customers must submit proof of membership in the U.S. Armed Forces or identification as a veteran through ID.me validation.

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Enter your information into ID.me to submit these documents. It’s quick and easy.

Step 4: Enter promo code

Once verified through ID.me, find an available rental location that participates in this program by searching under “Military Locations” after following Step 2 Select “Military Discount” during booking processAnd then enter on site Corporate Account Number (CAC) under Discount field found under Promotion Code’s Box before Applying Search Information.

In conclusion, using Enterprise’s military discount code is an excellent way to save money while renting vehicles from them. It’s easy! By visiting their homepage at www.enterprise.com, verifying your eligibility through ID.me, and entering the promo code at checkout, you can take advantage of this fantastic deal for military personnel. Thank you for your service!

Answering Your FAQs on Enterprise’s Military Discount Code

Are you a member of the military looking for exclusive deals and discounts on rental cars? Look no further than Enterprise’s Military Discount Code. As a way to show appreciation for those who serve our country, Enterprise offers a special discount code exclusively for military members and their families.

With that said, we understand that many individuals may have questions regarding how to redeem this discount code or what type of savings can be expected. To help clear up any confusion, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Enterprise’s Military Discount Code.

What is the Military Discount Code?

The Military Discount Code from Enterprise provides active duty military personnel and veterans with discounted rates on car rentals nationwide. This code can be used when making an online reservation or when booking directly over the phone at any participating location.

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Who is eligible to use the Military Discount Code?

The Military Discount Code is available to anyone currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces or anyone who has served in the past and has a valid military ID card or veteran identification card.

What type of discounts can I expect with the Military Discount Code?

Discounts may vary depending on location and availability, but typically range from 5% to 25% off regular rental rates. Additional benefits such as waived fees for additional drivers and unlimited mileage may also be included.

How do I redeem the Military Discount Code?

To redeem your discount code, simply enter it into the appropriate field when making an online reservation. If booking over the phone, mention your military status and inquire about using the discount code during your reservation process.

Can I combine my Military Discount Code with other promotions or coupons?

Unfortunately, Enterprise’s Military Discount Code cannot be combined with other promotional offers or coupons at this time.

Is there a limit to how often I can use my Military Discount Code?

There are no limits to how often you can use your discount code – feel free to take advantage of it every time you are in need of a rental car.

In conclusion, Enterprise’s Military Discount Code is a great opportunity for members of the military and their families to save some money on rental cars. This code offers discounts ranging from 5% to 25% off regular rates and can be used nationwide. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this offer and hit the road!

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Maximizing Savings: Tips for Using Enterprise’s Military Discount Code

As a member of the military and their families, we understand that saving every penny counts. That’s why Enterprise Rent-A-Car is proud to offer a military discount code to all active-duty troops, veterans, reserve members and retirees in the U.S. Plus, family members with dependent ID cards can also get discounts on car rentals.

But, just having this discount code isn’t enough. As intelligent consumers, we need to know how to use it effectively so that we can maximize our savings and make the most of our hard-earned money.

Here are some tips for using Enterprise’s military discount code:

1. Plan Ahead: The key to getting great deals is planning ahead. Before starting your trip or travel planning for an event start by contacting customer service or book online in advance. Advance payment too at early stages helps in availing better deals.

2. Compare Prices: Do your research and compare prices before renting a car from any company including Enterprise Rent A Car by taking into account factors such as location of rental pick up/drop off, rental period etc., compare prices around different travel cities with enterprise services availability .

3. Shop Through Cashback Sites: Cashback websites provide additional discounts along with the existing rental offers.

4. Check for Additional Promotional Offers: Checking out the official website social media accounts like Twitter , FaceBook Instagram handles regularly to lookout for holiday season offers and promotional packages while booking which help you avail maximum discounts & rewards.

5.Be Convincing : Sometimes convincing them works their site is avaialble on sites like MyUnidays which give additional cost-efficient benefits of upto 10% .

By following these simple steps, you’ll surely be able maximize your benefit while using Enterprise’s Military Discount Code . Next trip onwards,start extending your bucks more than ever with efficient use altogether!

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